About Us

Our Vision

is to build our community to reach the community for Christ.  Just like the river that flowed from the original Eden and watered the garden, we want to be a source of nourishment to a thirsty land.  (Genesis 2:8-10)


Our Values

We  CARE  for each other and others through:
Caring Holistically

Demonstrating concern for the whole person – spirit, mind and body – meeting felt needs as well as sharing life-changing truth to fill the ‘God shaped vacuum’ that everyone has.

Adventurous hospitality

Actively connecting with people in their space and inviting them to our homes and gatherings.  Our excellent facilities are open spaces for the community to be welcomed and ministered to.

Real spirituality

Seeking to listen and obey God’s leading in all we do.  Spiritual vitality flows from spending time with God and being honest before God and with others.  We value the accountability and encouragement of others through small groups and mentoring opportunities.

Enriched by diversity

Not just tolerating, but celebrating and valuing our differences – desiring all ages and cultures to contribute and participate together in the life of the church.


Our Strategy

Encounter God’s people

Before they set foot inside a church, most people will have contact with a Christ-follower somewhere.  This may be a neighbourhood, school, social club, workplace, etc.  We intentionally build relationships with people, listen to their stories and help them in practical ways (as well as receiving help too!)  We also have partnerships with community organisations (such as Refugee services, Prison Ministries) with opportunities for involvement.

Experience God’s Community

We invite people to events where they meet other Christ followers.  This might be a BBQ in the neighbourhood, a social event at church, a seminar, even a camp or day at the beach.  The Sunday morning services and children’s programs are also open to all.  Hospitality lunches after most services are a great way to meet and get to know people.

Love is intensely practical.  It’s making phone calls, meeting for coffee during the week, visiting and praying, baking a cake, and cutting lawns.  Our community is only as good as the quality of our relationships with one another. Our pastoral care team oversee general pastoral care needs, while our counselling centre is available for more ongoing issues.

Engage with God’s Word

As people build relationships in Christian community, they begin to grapple with the implications of God’s Word for their own lives. Who is Jesus? How can I live for him? How can I make a difference in the world? In term one each year, we run a seven week ‘Christianity Explored’ course especially designed for those exploring the Christian faith. Phone the church office for more details.

A good way to further engage with God’s Word is to attend a Life Group. Life Groups are safe places to hang out and build deeper relationships with one another – where we can speak the truth in love, give and receive encouragement and grow to be more like Christ together. Refer to the appendix for a list of groups.

Sunday morning services encourage us to engage with God’s word and grow as followers of Christ. Our worship service each week includes singing, prayer, children’s programs, reading of scripture, teaching and the Lord’s Supper.

Embrace God’s Mission
As we grow in Christ, we realise that God is calling each of us to be involved in mission. At Eden, we encourage everyone to discover and use their spiritual gifts. There are many opportunities for involvement, both upfront and behind the scenes!

As we serve alongside each other, our contribution increases our sense of belonging to this community. To find out more about ministry service opportunities, talk to one of the pastors or ministry leaders.

We have a mandate to be witnesses not just to our community, but to the ends of the earth. We are passionate about sending and supporting those who respond to God’s call to serve overseas and to reach the nations have come to us in NZ. Our Partners team oversee this area.

While all believers are ‘priests’, gifted by God to serve, Christ also appoints leaders to empower us in our service. The Eldership is our primary leadership team. Our pastors serve alongside and under the eldership. Various church ministry areas are led by Ministry Co-ordinators (see the appendix for a list of Ministry Co-ordinators).

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