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Term dates for 2016 Term 4: 15 October to 10 December Term dates for 2017 Term 1: 4 Feb to 8 April Term 2: 6 May to 8 July Term 3: 29 July to 30 Sept Term 4: 21 Oct to 9 Dec.   Our end-of-year Christmas celebration will be held 10 December, after Bible […]

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The Genesis Flood

Many Christians have assumed that the language of Genesis 8-9 requires that the flood covered the entire globe.  There are a few problems with this idea, scientifically! Sea level: The traditional view of the sea level at the peak of the flood is that the tops of the all the world’s mountains were covered.  Leaving […]

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Welcome to our blog!

Currently, we are studying the book of Genesis (well, the first half) as a church and there has been lots of interesting discussion in small groups and over the dinner table.  This page is an opportunity to interact over questions that may arise.  Please be courteous and constructive, but, of course, it’s ok to disagree. […]

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